Boston Results 2017

Boston Designers Data Survey Results

Take a look at what we discovered while analyzing 2017 Boston Designers Data Survey's 533 responses. We believe that quantitative data needs to be supported by qualitative narratives, so we have included a few comments we received in the open-ended final question of the survey. Scroll down to read those personal voices & opinions.

When looking at the data, we were surprised at the large percentage of designers who do not know the policies their firms offer. Why is that and how can we improve the communication? An intriguing observation was also the fact that everyone seems to feel comfortable asking questions, but not initiating ideas. How can we make an open-minded work environment where sharing ideas is encouraged? Finally, many people feel guilt taking time off. In a creative profession, a well-deserved break should be encouraged to refresh the mind. Take a look at the manual with action tips that we created to address some of those questions.