New York Results

 New York Designers Data Survey Results

Take a peak at what we learned from 2018 New York Designers Data Survey's 211 responses. We believe that quantitative data is grounded by qualitative narratives, so we have included a few of the anonymous comments we received in the open-ended final survey question. Scroll down to read those.

We were surprised that 11% of female respondents and 9% of male respondents are not planning on getting an architecture license. The primary reason for female respondents is the lack of motivation along with the lack of time and the belief it won’t change the status. The primary reason for male respondents was the a license does not apply to their work.

Similar to what we had learned from our Boston study, we were surprised at the large percentage of designers who do not know certain policies their firms offer- especially around parental leave. The majority of respondents (40%) also do not know if there is pay equity at their firms. How can we improve transparency & communication between employees and leaders?

An intriguing observation was also the fact that the majority of respondents feel challenged at the work place (65%) and comfortable asking questions (75%). However, they do not feel comfortable initiating ideas (45%). How can we make an open-minded work environment where sharing ideas is encouraged? According to the data, a motivator for emerging professionals is working in an open-minded environment - one that brings diversity of opinions, backgrounds and ideas together.

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