Latest events & news as we share the project!

2018.07.16   How to Engage Top Planning and Design Talent SCUP 2018, Nashville, TN
2018.06.21   From Young Female Designers to Firm Leaders: The Boston Experiment AIA 2018 in New York, NY
2018.06.06   Sasaki Foundation, Watertown, MA
2018.03.16   Northeastern University School of Architecture - AIAS Women in Architecture Panel, Boston, MA
2018.03.06   Harvard Graduate School of Design - WID March Series on "Feminine Power", Cambridge, MA
2018.02.10   Next Gen Arch: Designing Towards an Equitable, Diverse, and Inclusive Profession, Center for Architecture in New York, NY
2018.01.05   Setting Career Goals webinar with Mia Scharphie (Build Yourself+ Workshops)

2017.11.28   Leers Weinzapfel Associates & Schwartz /Silver Architects
2017.11.08   ABX 2017 / Greenbuild Convention in Boston
2017.10.24   Boston Architectural College AIAS Women in Architecture Panel
2017.09.21   The Architects Group  (TAG) presentation in Boston
2017.09.16   AIA WIELD in Washington DC